Tips to Defeat the Laundry Monster

Laundry is my nemesis. Kind of like Dr. Doofenschmirtz and Perry the Platypus. What’s that? You don’t have children under the age of ten and have no idea who Dr. Doofenschmirtz is? Or you are an awesome mom and don’t let your children watch tv? Cool, good for you. Let’s move on.WheretheLaundry

Laundry – Three tips from the ultimate laundry procrastinator. If I can do it, you can do it.

1. You know how everyone says you should do one load a day and it will make your laundry life a breeze? It’s a great idea. It doesn’t work for me. I simply will not remember to start/move/fold/put away a load of laundry every single day. What usually happens? I start a load right before lunch time when I remember that I should have done it that morning, and then I completely forget about it until that night when my husband asks where every single pair of his pajama pants are. Um, wet and stale smelling in the washing machine…So this is what I do instead. Pick two or three days you will be home all day and do two or three loads (how many will depend on the size of your family, of course). You must do this more than once a week or the laundry will pile up in intimidating, scary piles. Note – This obviously won’t work as well if you aren’t a stay at home mom. If you don’t have two or three days you can devote to laundry, I suggest you try a load a day. May the force be with you.

2. Fold ’em up straight from the dryer. Do not toss them in a laundry basket to fold later. This almost always ends in disaster. Plus, they are so nice and cuddly to fold when they are warm. The other plus side? Less wrinkles! Which means less ironing – ha, I say that like I actually iron clothes…ha ha.

3. PUT THEM AWAY. Yes, I am yelling. I mean it. You do not want to go to all that work just to have your children/husband go rummaging through your nice, neat piles to find something. Because you know what happens? That’s right, they all fall over and suddenly it’s a big heap of mess that will never, ever find its way to a drawer.

Also, be sure to sort through your children’s clothes on a regular basis. Do not keep washing clean clothes that get thrown on the floor just because they are too small.

So there ya go. It’ s what’s been working for me, I hope it works for you. And remember, if you fall off the wagon (out of the laundry basket?), just get caught up and try again!

Children’s Book Favorite – Bear Snores On

Bear and Friends Six Book Set

Are you familiar with the Bear Snores On books? We love them! Bear Wants More is my personal favorite. They’re sweet, easy to read, and the illustrations are beautiful! We were regularly checking them out from the library, but finally decided to add them to our personal collection.

Also be sure to check out Where Is Home, Little Pip?, also by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.

Favorite Activity of the Year – Paleontology Study – Dino Dig

Favorite Activity of the Year - Paleontology Study - Dino Dig

Today I finally found my camera. We recently moved and it got…misplaced… with about six months worth of pictures still on it. Today I tracked it down and downloaded those memories before I lost it again!

I was so excited to find those pictures so I could do this post: our favorite activity of the year. Hands down it was our dinosaur dig. You simply get the kit, set it down in front of your kiddos, and they dig away. They will need a little help, and we ended up raiding the garage for some higher tech tools. Also, you have to be careful not to scratch up the ‘bones’ as you dig. 100_6129

Eventually you have all the pieces to construct your own dinosaur! We did a tyrannosaurus rex.


We got our dino from Hobby Lobby, but if you don’t have one nearby you can buy one on Amazon.

To Attain Aweso…

To attain awesome do this every day: clean a little, cook a little, craft a little, spend time with your family a lot!

Awesome Summer – The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie Review

The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie from Not Without Salt

Summer demands chocolate chip cookies! As a perpetual procrastinator, I very rarely have the ingredients in my pantry to make them – the last batch of cookies I made were the Pillsbury refrigerator dough kind. This recipe calls for some ingredients you probably don’t keep on hand – but they are definitely worth a trip to the store. They are so good! I don’t even like chocolate chip cookies that much, and I can tell these are winners. Go make some cookies!

Click the pink link above for the recipe!

Attaining an Awesome Summer – Day 1 – Backyard Tent

Attaining an Awesome Summer - Day 1 - Backyard Tent

Today was the first official day of summer. No, not the day on the calendar – let’s face it, no one pays attention to that. It was, rather, the first day of summer break. Even though I home school my munchkins, and we were finished last week, there is still something magical about the district wide first day of freedom.

This day has filled me with dread. For weeks people have been posting fun summer activities on Pinterest. ‘Make it Monday’, ‘Take a Hike Tuesday’, and lots of other fun catchy titles that made me feel like an inferior mother for having nothing – nothing – planned.

So what did we do? We built a backyard tent. Thank you Bubble Guppies for giving us the idea. Today. When my kiddos were crashed in front of the television watching cartoons. I’m not apologizing. It was the first day of summer!

So, there ya go Pinterest. Backyard tent made using two pieces of canvas hastily stitched together, tossed over a tie down strap, and then held open with rocks. Oh yeah! This procrastinating mama is on her way to attaining awesome! Look out tomorrow, I just might plan something for you. Not tonight, of course. Tomorrow. I’m thinking afternoonish.