Attaining an Awesome Summer – Day 1 – Backyard Tent

Attaining an Awesome Summer - Day 1 - Backyard Tent

Today was the first official day of summer. No, not the day on the calendar – let’s face it, no one pays attention to that. It was, rather, the first day of summer break. Even though I home school my munchkins, and we were finished last week, there is still something magical about the district wide first day of freedom.

This day has filled me with dread. For weeks people have been posting fun summer activities on Pinterest. ‘Make it Monday’, ‘Take a Hike Tuesday’, and lots of other fun catchy titles that made me feel like an inferior mother for having nothing – nothing – planned.

So what did we do? We built a backyard tent. Thank you Bubble Guppies for giving us the idea. Today. When my kiddos were crashed in front of the television watching cartoons. I’m not apologizing. It was the first day of summer!

So, there ya go Pinterest. Backyard tent made using two pieces of canvas hastily stitched together, tossed over a tie down strap, and then held open with rocks. Oh yeah! This procrastinating mama is on her way to attaining awesome! Look out tomorrow, I just might plan something for you. Not tonight, of course. Tomorrow. I’m thinking afternoonish.


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