Home School Science Curriculum – God’s Design For Science

God’s Design for Life – Part of the God’s Design for Science Curriculum

I feel like dancing and singing around my kitchen right now. Really, I do. Why? Because the science curriculum that I have had on my wish list for years just came in the mail. I found it when my son was a wee munchkin tot and we had just started looking into schooling at home. God’s Design For Life is what sold me on homeschooling, and sadly my children were nowhere near old enough for it. Now they are, and now I have it, and after reading through the first book and teacher’s supplement I am even more excited about it than I was.

What makes it so special?

  • First of all, it’s by Answers in Genesis – aka the Creation Museum people. This means my children will be learning a young earth, creationist point of view that is ultimately designed to give God all the glory. I got chills reading through the first few lessons!
  • It’s designed for homeschoolers! This is huge. It means the activities are specifically designed for a family, and not for a class full of children. In the past I purchased a curriculum that had this problem, and ended up replacing it a month into school. The activities did not work well with two kiddos, and I ended up struggling to adjust them so we could do them, and let’s face it – that didn’t work for me.
  • There are two sets of text in each lesson – the beginner text and the regular (little kid, big kid). The beginner text is larger, and it’s much more simplified for little learners, but it’s still packed with information. The best part? Start your children in early elementary, cover the entire series in the first four years, and then cycle back to the beginning using the regular, more detailed text. Money saver!!!
  • All the lesson plans are done, and there is a master supply list in the back of the teacher supplement. This leaves my evenings free for very important things, like contemplating the complexities of the universe or playing Tetris Blast on my Kindle.
  • The photos are pretty. Yes, I am superficial like that. Who wants a science course that’s all text and no photo? What’s the point?!? Oh, I also loath hastily illustrated pictures. Don’t give me a cartoon bird in my science – give me the bird!

Now, it only feels fair to give you the couple of downsides to this curriculum.

  • The books are…textbooks. I know and love homeschoolin’ moms who would rather shoot themselves in the foot than teach from a textbook. Me? Meh, not so much. I sorta love how crisp, fresh, and full of possibilities they are. A whole bunch of learning in a neat and tidy package! Whohoo!
  • The pages aren’t glossy. Yeah, that’s really all I got.

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