A Procrastinators Guide to Eating Right…Tomorrow

Something terrifying has happened in the last eight months. I’ve gained, like, a bunch of weight. I’m irked with myself. The problem is I’m usually thinking about it as I’m dunking my doughnut in my sweetened, creamtastic coffee. Okay, so I don’t always have a doughnut – sometimes it’s a cinnamon roll. I have that kind of willpower right now.

The biggest problem? Just a little over a year ago I was, dare I say it, pretty fit. We ate clean. We rode our bikes for miles. I jogged and did strength training. I was that person. The person that I hate right now, because she makes me feel so horrible about the decisions I’ve made recently!

Okay, enough whining! Here’s the fixin’ it part. There is an odd quirk in my personality, if I write it down, I have to do it. So here I am writing it down! And I’m doing this thing…tomorrow. No, seriously, it’s eight in the evening, it kind of has to be tomorrow.

I’m starting with one goal, because honestly I’m not sure I’ve got much more than that in me right now.

Eat Clean 

Isn’t that nice? It looks pretty doesn’t it? I’ve stocked my fridge and I’m ready for tomorrow! Who wants to join me?


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