Awesome Summer – Playing in the Creek

My mother was, shall we say…a wee bit stuffy about things when I was growing up. Why was she like this? Because she loved me, and because I was horrendously accident prone – I broke two of the tails off the vertebrates in my neck on two separate occasions before I turned eighteen. So basically she packed me in cotton and antibacterial soap and I grew up mostly just fine.


So you can probably understand my shock when she said it was fine for my two munchkins to play/swim in the creek outside her house fully dressed and without the proper creek-splashing footwear. And you know what? She was right, it was fine. More than fine – it was a blast. The two of us even ended up sitting in lawn chairs in the creek with our pants rolled up to ours knees while we soaked our feet and watched the kids play. Crazy day. Crazy awesome day! So, what are you waiting for – go find yourself a creek to play in!




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