Our First Sonlight Box Day


It’s finally here – our first Box Day! Of course, it would have been here a lot sooner if I had ordered it on time…but we’re not going to dwell on that today!

The kids were super excited, even more than I expected. They kept snatching books out of the boxes and taking them to the couch. This made checking off the packing list a little difficult, and I have to admit the whole thing was a tiny bit overwhelming. In a good way. Sort of. No…it was good.


This is our first year with Sonlight. We’re using Core A with the kindergarten readers for my daughter and the first grade for my son. He’s also using Horizons math this year. Except for our science, we’re pretty much all Sonlight this year!

Sew a Simple Children’s Infinity Scarf

Something strange has happened to me lately. I have absolutely no desire to sew or craft. I’ve been very content to spend my free time reading. I haven’t made soap; I haven’t poured candles. I haven’t baked anything that wasn’t necessary for meals, and I haven’t done any major freezer cooking.

She's looking at a bead or a Lego...or something. I don't know - she's the queen of beautiful but odd pictures.
She’s looking at a bead or a Lego…or something. I don’t know – she’s the queen of beautiful but odd pictures.


We started school on Monday (which is going just fine, by the way), and we’re getting back in the swing of things. Part of me is so mad at myself for wasting away the summer. So today, after we finished our lessons, I browsed Pinterest for something that would spark my interest. Nothing. I pulled out my serger and my sewing machine anyway, and I dug through my ridiculous stash of fabric. I pulled out a super sparkly purple material and I decided to make an infinity scarf for my daughter. I picked this project for two reasons:

1. She didn’t have one, and I thought it would be cute with a sweater and boots  – fall outfits were all over my Pinterest page.

2. I knew it would take all of twenty minutes to make.

I sat down and I made myself sew. This is weird – I love to sew. I’m still not sure what’s wrong with me, but I think it’s the nonexistent crafting area in my new kitchen. I used to have a nice little setup at my old counter. Sigh.

It took about fifteen minutes, because the piece of fabric I had only needed to be cut in half, stitched lengthwise, turned and stitched again. My daughter was beside herself with glee, and I felt a little better about myself as I shoved my sewing stuff back in the closet.

Want to make one? I didn’t use a tutorial, but this one at Sea Glass and Ribbons pretty much explains what I did: 0 Degree DIY {Infinity Scarf} 

Pretend It’s on the Lesson Plan…

We start school on Monday. MONDAY! We’re part of a homeschool ‘school’ through our school district, and this is the date I told our resource consultant we would start. Now, this was the date I set. It was my choice, but am I ready…no. Why? Just a little teeny, tiny issue with the majority of our curriculum – it’s not here yet. No big deal right? Surely it’s on it’s way? Um….not exactly. In fact, I’m ordering it tomorrow. Which is fine (insert nervous laugh here); we can wing it, right?

I'm thinking of having this printed on a mug...
I’m thinking of having this printed on a mug…

Of course we can! We have our science course and our electives. I also have the three week sample instructor’s guide from our curriculum (Sonlight). I have a library card, a children’s Bible, and access to oodles of printables on the internet. We’re good. Pray for my sanity, please? And for quick shipping…




Pickin’ Pears – When to Pick a Perfect Pear

We moved into our house in May. I was ecstatic when I found out there were fruit trees in the backyard – two apples trees. Those apple trees didn’t produce a thing… no blossoms, no fruit – nothin’. However, I was very pleasantly surprised when I found a teeny,little pear tree growing next to our shed. Like a good fruit tree should, it put on pears.

Aren’t they cute?!? I took this picture about a month ago. They weren’t ready to pick yet, but they were already getting that pretty red blush.

I scoured the internet for info on identifying these pears – just to make sure there wasn’t some variety of crazy poisonous pears – I don’t know. Maybe. You never know, right? Anyway, I found out these were definitely eating pears, and they are probably Seckels.

Why am I sharing all this with you? Because in my research I found a couple of handy things to know if you have a pear tree growing in your backyard.

1. Pears should be picked before they are ripe. If they ripen on the tree they get gritty, mealy, and…well, gross.

2. Pear are ready to pick when the fruit separates easily from the tree when tilted upright.

3. If you find a bunch of pears have fallen off your tree…you might be a little late. Pick them right away!

4. Ripen in a dark, cool place. Some varieties need to be chilled.

I found two pears on the ground, but I think I’m alright. I picked most of them today, leaving the stubborn ones to mature a bit longer. I had a good saucepot full of these cute, little fruits. It was a good day!

I’m thinking about making pear butter when they ripen, but my son was looking at them like a hungry chipmunk. Not sure if they’ll last long enough to make the butter…

Apps I Love – Pepperplate

I’m a Kindle kind of girl. I love, love, love my happy, helpful Kindle Fire. Not too long ago I found an app that has made my Kindle even more indispensable – Pepperplate. Heard of it? Well, if you haven’t, it’s an app that lets you save recipes from all over the web to your Kindle, and even makes up a grocery list for you. You can even add your own recipes. Talk about a busy homeschoolin’ mom’s best friend!

PepperPlate at Amazon.com


For example, when I make Dad’s spaghetti, we always have salad and toasted garlic bread with it – because that’s what Dad always did. When I added the recipe to my account, I added the salad ingredients and the garlic bread too. When I want to make this, I just add the meal to my shopping list, and it lists everything for me. I just go through and cross off anything I have in my pantry. You can do this for a whole weeks worth of food…or a month. Two months!!! Totally up to you.

No brain power involved. None. This is great, because frankly, my brain is usually plenty tied up as it is!