Apps I Love – Pepperplate

I’m a Kindle kind of girl. I love, love, love my happy, helpful Kindle Fire. Not too long ago I found an app that has made my Kindle even more indispensable – Pepperplate. Heard of it? Well, if you haven’t, it’s an app that lets you save recipes from all over the web to your Kindle, and even makes up a grocery list for you. You can even add your own recipes. Talk about a busy homeschoolin’ mom’s best friend!

PepperPlate at


For example, when I make Dad’s spaghetti, we always have salad and toasted garlic bread with it – because that’s what Dad always did. When I added the recipe to my account, I added the salad ingredients and the garlic bread too. When I want to make this, I just add the meal to my shopping list, and it lists everything for me. I just go through and cross off anything I have in my pantry. You can do this for a whole weeks worth of food…or a month. Two months!!! Totally up to you.

No brain power involved. None. This is great, because frankly, my brain is usually plenty tied up as it is!


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