Pretend It’s on the Lesson Plan…

We start school on Monday. MONDAY! We’re part of a homeschool ‘school’ through our school district, and this is the date I told our resource consultant we would start. Now, this was the date I set. It was my choice, but am I ready…no. Why? Just a little teeny, tiny issue with the majority of our curriculum – it’s not here yet. No big deal right? Surely it’s on it’s way? Um….not exactly. In fact, I’m ordering it tomorrow. Which is fine (insert nervous laugh here); we can wing it, right?

I'm thinking of having this printed on a mug...
I’m thinking of having this printed on a mug…

Of course we can! We have our science course and our electives. I also have the three week sample instructor’s guide from our curriculum (Sonlight). I have a library card, a children’s Bible, and access to oodles of printables on the internet. We’re good. Pray for my sanity, please? And for quick shipping…





2 thoughts on “Pretend It’s on the Lesson Plan…”

  1. Looovvvveeeee THIS!!!!! It will be fine!! YOu have lots of other stuff and resources- just go with those for now- it will be all good- though the quote would be great on a mug— you could market a lot of those to regular teachers all over the nation- ya know – I am just saying!! lol! love you!


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