Sew a Simple Children’s Infinity Scarf

Something strange has happened to me lately. I have absolutely no desire to sew or craft. I’ve been very content to spend my free time reading. I haven’t made soap; I haven’t poured candles. I haven’t baked anything that wasn’t necessary for meals, and I haven’t done any major freezer cooking.

She's looking at a bead or a Lego...or something. I don't know - she's the queen of beautiful but odd pictures.
She’s looking at a bead or a Lego…or something. I don’t know – she’s the queen of beautiful but odd pictures.


We started school on Monday (which is going just fine, by the way), and we’re getting back in the swing of things. Part of me is so mad at myself for wasting away the summer. So today, after we finished our lessons, I browsed Pinterest for something that would spark my interest. Nothing. I pulled out my serger and my sewing machine anyway, and I dug through my ridiculous stash of fabric. I pulled out a super sparkly purple material and I decided to make an infinity scarf for my daughter. I picked this project for two reasons:

1. She didn’t have one, and I thought it would be cute with a sweater and boots  – fall outfits were all over my Pinterest page.

2. I knew it would take all of twenty minutes to make.

I sat down and I made myself sew. This is weird – I love to sew. I’m still not sure what’s wrong with me, but I think it’s the nonexistent crafting area in my new kitchen. I used to have a nice little setup at my old counter. Sigh.

It took about fifteen minutes, because the piece of fabric I had only needed to be cut in half, stitched lengthwise, turned and stitched again. My daughter was beside herself with glee, and I felt a little better about myself as I shoved my sewing stuff back in the closet.

Want to make one? I didn’t use a tutorial, but this one at Sea Glass and Ribbons pretty much explains what I did: 0 Degree DIY {Infinity Scarf} 


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