Train Them Up

My husband and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary on the 4th. Nine years! God blessed me with my husband. He pretty much delivered him to my doorstep and showed me he was the one, and I’m so glad God took over because I was making some pretty questionable choices in the dating department!

We had our son three years after we married, and I fell in love with my that man all over again. There is nothing like seeing your husband with your children. Nothing.


It’s hard at first, because you both have to learn how to be parents. You make mistakes; you have regrets. There are dozens of things you wish you had done differently, but you grow, you trust God, and he leads you where you are meant to go.

My children aren’t babies anymore, but we’re still near the beginning of our homeschool journey. We still struggle, and we definitely make mistakes, but together we’re trusting God to lead us so we can train them up in the way they should go. I’m so happy I have my husband on this journey. I am blessed.


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