Soy Candle Tin Tutorial – Blueberry Cobbler

Soy candles are tricky little critters. I’ve been making them for years, and I sold them for several of those years, so I know how frustrating they can be. Candle tins are by far the easiest candle to start with. You’ll never know if you get ‘wet spots’ on the side, because you can’t see the sides of the candle!


*Please note – if you use different brands of wax/fragrance/wicks you may end up with an unsatisfactory candle. There is a ton of testing that goes into each candle – which, in this case, I’ve already done for you. All candle supplies are not made equal, and many don’t like each other at all!

Supplies (measured by weight):

4 8oz Candle Tins with a 3 inch diameter

1 lb 4 oz GB464 Soy Wax (You can buy this at many candle suppliers)

4 Eco 14 Wicks

1.5 oz Blueberry Cobbler Fragrance Oil (Candle Science Brand)

Blue Liquid Candle Dye (Candle Science)

Hot Melt Glue

Digital Thermometer

Candle Pot -or- Double boiler – or Stainless Steel Bowl (large enough to sit above your pot of boiling water)

Pot of boiling water

1. Glue your wicks into each tin. Set them in a place where they can sit for at least 12 hours undisturbed.

2. Place your wax in your candle pot or bowl and place over boiling water. Once the wax is starting to melt, add 6 – 10 drops of blue liquid candle dye. Stir often.

3. Once your wax has melted, insert your thermometer and gently stir your wax until it reaches 185 degrees F. Remove from heat.

4. Immediately add your fragrance oil. Stir gently for two minutes.

5. Once your wax has reached 160 degrees, slowly pour it into your prepared tins until in reaches the fill line.

6. There should be a little wax leftover. Set it aside for now.

7. Let the tins sit for twelve hours. If you notice frosting (swirling on the top of the candle), or if the top has cratered in, reheat the remaining wax and top off the candles with a thin layer of remelted wax. This almost always takes care of both problems.

8. Trim your wicks, and wait at least another 12 hours before you burn your candle.



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