Trip to Denver – Day One – Downtown Aquarium

We live about four hours away from Denver. With kids, we live about six hours away – we will never make it in four; I’m quite sure of it. Let’s face it – it wasn’t all my kiddos fault. We stopped for breakfast in Glenwood Springs, made the traditional stop at the rest area at the top of Vail,ย and then we had to make an all important Starbucks stop in Silverthorne. Had to. I had their very lovely Salted Caramel Mocha and a pumpkin muffin – I graciously let my son have the last pumpkin scone. Oh, and by the way, calories don’t count on road trips.

At the rest stop on top of Vail
At the rest stop on top of Vail

We left at five that morning, and we didn’t get to Denver until 11:00. We drove right for the Downtown Aquarium and met my lovely cousin who moved to Denver from Dallas about a year ago.

We’re classifying animals right now in science, and we just started the section on fish. This was a great way to study them up close! Surprisingly, there were also a few birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. There were also tons and tons of invertebrates.


Can I tell you how excited the kids were to go to the aquarium? So excited that they would not look at me for pictures. So excited they would not stay in one place for more than two seconds. So excited that I gave up on taking decent pictures and just tried for snap shots so we could remember the day.


Interested in checking out Denver’s Downtown Aquarium? Join their mailing list and they’ll send you a half-off coupon for one admission! (At least they did when I signed up)

Tomorrow I’ll post our trip to the zoo!


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