Thick and Creamy Hand Cream Recipe – All Natural

I’ve been doing quite a bit of canning the last couple of days, and because of that, I’ve been washing a bunch of dishes by hand. Needless to say, the soapy water has stripped all the moisture from my hands, and they are dry. Luckily, I remembered I made a batch of this awesome hand cream the other day. Did I remember to use it before my hands dried out? Uh, no – I sure didn’t. No matter, they’re feeling much better now.


This is what you’ll need to make 8 oz:

Herbs for infusing: I used rosemary, dandelion root, rose hips, and orange peel. You can buy these from your local health food store, or you can get them at

8 oz Coconut Oil

1 TBSP Beeswax

1 TSP Vitamin E Oil

Distilled Water or Aloe Vera Juice

Essential Oil – I used orange


Step 1 – Infuse your oil:

Fill a jelly jar about 1/3 full of herbs, packing them loosely. As I said earlier, I used dandelion root, rose hips, orange peel, and rosemary. I would have also used calendula, but I was out. Go easy on the rosemary unless you want to smell like a thanksgiving turkey.

Melt the coconut oil and pour it over your herbs. Stop about half an inch from the top (you’ll have some leftover oil). Close your jar up and place it in gently simmering water for about 2 hours. A little waterbath canning pot works great – make sure you use the rack. If you don’t have a little canning pot, fold a tea towel in the bottom of a sauce pot and fill with water. Do not place the jar directly on the bottom – the jar will break. Or explode…

Step 2 – Combine your oil and beeswax:

Once your oil is infused, strain out the herbs – really ‘squish’ the oil out of them. You can toss the herbs now. Add the beeswax to the hot oil and stir. Please don’t burn yourself – this is hot. Once the beeswax is melted, pour the mixture into a small bar pan to cool and harden.

Step 3 – Combine your oil/beeswax mixture with the liquid:

Your beeswax and coconut oil mixture should be hard. Break it into small pieces and toss into a blender or food processor (I used a magic bullet, and it worked like…magic…) Pour distilled water into your blender – stop when you reach the top of your beeswax/coconut mixture (this will probably be about 1/4 -1/2 cup of water). Don’t go overboard with the water – if you do, your cream will be runny. Add the vitamin E oil and several shakes of your essential oil (probably about 10 – 15 drops). You can also add a preservative at this point, which is probably a good idea. I didn’t, but I’m a rebel like that. (I also use a clean spoon to scoop it out each time, so I don’t introduce bacteria from my hands.)

Step 4 – Blend it up:

It will take several minutes, and you’ll probably have to shake it/stir a few times before it’s creamy.


Step 5 – Use it!

This is also great on elbow, knees, and feet. Actually – it’s fabulous everywhere, but my face is super sensitive and I couldn’t use it as a face cream without breaking out. Bummer.

The original recipe came from Shoshanna at bulkherbstore. You can watch her video here.


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