Soy Christmas Candle Tutorial and Deck the Halls Fragrance Recipe

Christmas will be here before you know it. Make these candles now, and your house will smell amazing all through the holidays!

These are the candles I used to sell in my Etsy store before I decided to turn my business back into a hobby 

What you need (everything not labeled can be found at Candle Science):

3 ll.5 oz candle jars – I used these – but you can find some similar at Candle Science if you want to order everything from one place. Be warned – you might have to change the wick size and pour temperature if you use a different jar.

1.5 lbs Ecosoya Advanced Wax

3 LX-22 Wicks

Liquid Candle Dye (Optional)

1.5 oz Deck the Hall Fragrance Blend (Recipe Below)

Glue Gun

Candle Making Supplies – check out my post here for more info


Deck the Halls Fragrance Blend Recipe:

.8 oz Candle Science Blue Spruce Fragrance Oil

.4 oz Candle Science Cranberry Marmalade Fragrance Oil

.3 oz Orange Essential Oil (you can get this at most local health food stores)



1. Glue your wicks into each jar. Set them in a place where they can sit for at least 12 hours undisturbed.

2. Place your wax in your candle pot or bowl and place over boiling water. Once the wax is starting to melt, add 6 – 10 drops of blue liquid candle dye, and then add 4 – 6 drops yellow dye. Add more if you would like it darker. Stir often.

3. Once your wax has melted, insert your thermometer and gently stir your wax until it reaches 185 degrees F. Remove from heat.

4. Immediately add your fragrance oil blend. Stir gently for two minutes.

5. Once your wax has reached 125 degrees, slowly pour it into your prepared jars, reserving some to top them off later if needed. Set your reserved wax aside for now.

6. Let the candles sit for twelve hours. If you notice frosting (swirling on the top of the candle), or if the top has cratered in, reheat the remaining wax and top off the candles with a thin layer of remelted wax. This almost always takes care of both problems.

7. Trim your wicks, and wait at least another 12 hours before you burn your candles. Enjoy!



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