Girl’s Fur Shrug Tutorial

Have you seen the cute fur vests and shrugs in the stores this season? I love them! I don’t love their price tags. I decided to buy some faux fur and make a shrug for my daughter. After a little trial and error, I’m very happy with the way it came out!

Let’s get started!

FurShrug3 copy

First, you’re going to need a pattern. I’ve used McCall’s 6547 shrug pattern before, and I liked the way it turned out, so I used it again.

I made the shrug two sizes larger than she would usually be in. The faux fur is very bulky so you have to make it a little larger to compensate. This pattern is for an unlined shrug, but we’re going to make a lining, so make sure you buy fabric for that as well.

Your first step will be to cut out the lining pieces, and then sew them together at the shoulders using 5/8″ seam allowance.

Lay your fur out, furry side up.


Find the grain of your fur. Lay your entire lining on the fur, right sides together, following the grain as indicated on the pattern pieces. Pin it down.


Cut all the way around the lining, giving yourself about an inch of extra room to work with. To avoid fur everywhere, use little snips to cut the fabric itself. The scissors will push the little hairs aside if you are careful. This is hard to explain–you just have to do it to see what I mean. You’ll still get some fur on your table, but not nearly as much.

Stitch the lining to the fur, leaving the side seams open.



Trim the fur to about 5/8″.

Now, you’re going to pull the fabric through one of the side seams so that your raw edges are all on the inside of the shrug.


Press the lining so it lays nice and smooth. Be very, very careful to move the iron quickly. You don’t want to melt the fur fabric. Oh, what a horrible mess that would be!

The last step is to finish the side seams. First, I sewed the seams with my machine, as you can see below, and then I serged them. Sewing them first helped smoosh down the fabric–it’s quite bulky.

If you don’t have a serger, or if you don’t want any inside seams, you could turn the edges under and hand stitch them. It would look very nice. In fact, it would look nicer than serging it, but I have a rule about hand stitching. I don’t do it. Ever.


You’re all done! Easy, right?



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