Jean Apron Tutorial

I’ve been meaning to sew an apron for awhile now, but I never think of it when I sit down to sew. Today I saw a tutorial for a jean apron, and I decided to go ahead and see what I could come up with. The original idea came from A Girl and Glue Gun, and I’m so grateful she posted it, because I would have never thought of the idea on my own.


Here’s the tutorial for my version.

What you’ll need:

1 pair of jeans (or rather, one leg)

3/4 yard of medium weight cotton (I used a 56″ twill fabric)

First, you need to cut the leg off your pair of jeans.


Cut down the middle of the leg. Be careful to stay in the middle of the seams, otherwise your apron will be crooked.


Open up the leg. The wider side will be the bottom of your apron. Now, I wanted a fuller apron, so I added a fabric panel to each side. To do that, lay the apron directly on top of the cotton fabric. Using the edge of the apron as your pattern, draw your panel right on the fabric. Make the panel pieces as wide as you like. Of course, I didn’t get pictures of this–which is sad, because it would have made much more sense if you could see this step. 

Sew each panel piece to the sides of the apron. I used a serger for a nice finish, but that’s optional.

The next step is to cut the sides off the top of the apron. This will form your apron ‘bodice’ and the waistline. Keep in mind, the bottom of your cut is where the ties will go. The picture below shows the apron cut before the side panels are attached. I wouldn’t do it this way again, so make sure to sew your panels on first.


The next step is to make the binding for the raw edges. I decided to do mine exactly like I would a quilt. Cut your cotton fabric into 4 4″ Strips. Sew the strips together and prepare your binding by pressing in half lengthwise. Press each edge toward the middle, fold the whole thing in half, and then press again. Your strip should look like this:

Notice how the raw edges meet in the very middle.
Notice how the raw edges meet in the very middle.

Starting at the waist, right sides together, pin the binding to the side of the apron, across the bottom, and up the other side–stop when you reach the waist on the other side. Do not bind the bodice yet. Sew an inch from edge. Cut the extra binding and set aside.

Fold the binding over the raw edges and stitch in place using a zigzag stitch.


Decide how much binding you need for the neck of the apron, cut and set aside.

Find the middle of the remaining binding, open it up, and pin it to the top middle of the apron. Begin to pin the rest of the binding down. When you get to the slope leading to the waist, you will need to create small pleats to follow the curve. Fold them as you go and pin them down.

Stitch the binding in place. Before you fold the binding over, press the pleats and then baste the raw edge. This will keep the pleats in place when you fold the fabric over. Once you’ve basted both sides, fold the raw edge in, and then fold the entire binding over like you did before. (There’s a lot of folding going on!)

Note: This can be tricky. Be patient and take your time. 


The extra binding hanging off the ends will form your ties. If there’s not enough–this will depend on how large your apron is–you may need to make an additional strip of binding.

Stitch the whole thing with with a zigzag stitch.

When you’re done, your edge should look like this:


Finish the binding for the neck with a zigzag stitch, fold the raw edges under, and then sew it to the top of your apron.

You’re done!



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