Good Intentions…Bad Follow-Through

You know the name of my blog? Good Intentions, Bad-Follow Through? Well, I named it that for a reason. You see, I worked on a bunch of projects this last month. I even finished those projects! Did I take pictures while I worked on them? Uh, a few. Did I take any pictures of those projects once they were finished? No. I Sure didn’t.

I was pretty bummed–most of the things I finished went out as Christmas gifts, and it’s pretty hard to blog about something without a picture. Or is it? I decided to write a post of all the things I would have blogged about if I had been on the ball! Weird, right? I know!

1. Pirate Themed Baby Blanket–I was soooo excited about this one. The cotton fabric on the back looked like a huge faded pirate map. The front had strips of orange and brown minky dot and a little pirate applique. You would have loved it. If I had pictures of it. Which I don’t.

2. Pink and Green Owl Baby Blanket with Matching Tote Bag– I actually have a picture of this one! It’s not finished…but here it is anyway. I found this super cute fabric at Hobby Lobby.

Sewing the zipper on what eventually became a tote bag.
Sewing the zipper on what eventually became a tote bag.

3. I finally tried a few cookies I’ve been meaning to make: Molasses Crinkle Cookies — Oh, my…these were amazing!!! Chocolate Sugar Cookies–I made these twice and they were very yummy. We all decided we liked them better unfrosted (no surprise if you read my Quest for the Ultimate Sugar Cookie post). Oh, and by the way, I still haven’t found the perfect sugar cookie, but I’m not giving up!

4. Log Cabin Quilt–I used a pattern from 24 Hour Quilts by Rita Weiss. Start to finish, it took less than twenty-four hours. Awesome. Since I still have this quilt I just might do a post on this one.

5. Girl’s Flannel Butterfly Pajamas — I truly, truly wish I had a picture of these, but I finished them late last night, and they went out as a birthday present this morning. Procrastinate much? I did finish a flannel nightgown for Chelsea today, and hopefully she’ll give it up for a few minutes so I can get a picture.

6. Baby Christmas Tutu–Name says it all. It matched Chelsea’s dress, though the girls never got a chance to wear them together.

I also have a few works in progress:

1. Zigzag Quilt–I will definitely be posting pictures of this one…unless I toss it in the trash before it’s finished. Ha ha–I’m kidding…sort of. I bought myself a free motion quilting foot with some Christmas money I received, and frankly it’s not as easy to use as I assumed it would be. I think I have the hang of it now, though!

2. Super Duper Pinkerrific Owl Quilt–Chelsea picked out the fabric, and, wow, is this quilt bright. Technically I haven’t started it yet, but I have the fabric, so it’s on my to-do list.

3. Quilted Place Mats–notice a trend yet? I’ve been doing a wee bit of quilting. There’s something about January that just screams quilts! These place mats are made from extra fabric from my log cabin quilt, and they are finished except for binding.

Now wasn’t that exciting? Not really, huh? Sorry about that! Next time there will be pictures!


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