Girls’ Flannel Nightgown

This is the nightgown I mentioned a few days ago. Chelsea loves it. Loves it. My grandma made a flannel nightgown when I was young, and I thought it was the most beautiful thing ever. It was soft and white with tiny pink rosebuds all over it. When I outgrew it, it went to my cousin, and when she outgrew it, it went to my next cousin. I’m not sure if it lasted long enough to be passed to my last cousin, but I really hope it was. It was very special.

Kitty Nightgown

Kitty Nightgown2

I used Butterick See and Sew Pattern number 4005. I made the pajama top in a size larger than Chelsea measured, and then I added three inches to the bottom to make it longer. It’s very big and cozy, and right now it comes to her knees. It’s roomy enough she’ll be able to wear it as a pajama top long after it’s too short for a nightgown (that’s why I made a size larger). The fabric was from Joann’s, but I can’t find it on their website. I did notice they’re having awesome sale on flannel, though!

Here’s the pattern:

Butterick 4005. Click the picture to see the pattern on the Butterick website.


Here’s a few more great sleepwear patterns I found online. I hope they inspire you!

PDF Pattern from Seamingly Smitten on Etsy


McCall’s M646
You can make a robe in just a few hours! Make one for everyone in your family! Have a serger? Make one with minky plush.



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