Quilt in Progress – Black, White, and Teal Zigzag

I had to quit working on my quilt because I ran out of thread, and I haven’t had a chance to go buy more. I know, I know–I should have had extra ready, but I really had no idea how much thread free motion quilting used. Well, let me tell you, it uses quite a bit! This isn’t my first quilt, but it is my first attempt at free motion.



It’s going alright now, but I’m really glad I practiced with it first. Luckily, the print on the back of the fabric is crazy, so you can’t really tell when my feet and my hands were moving at different speeds. Well, you can–but I don’t think you would notice if you weren’t specifically looking for it.



The quilting is about halfway finished, so I’m hoping to have the binding on and the whole thing finished sometime next week. After that I’ll start Chelsea’s quilt, and then after that Weston wants one. Here’s the fabric Chelsea has picked out. I’ve nicknamed it her Super Duper Pinkerific Owl Quilt. The first thing my husband said when he saw it was, “Wow, that’s bright.”

She, of course, loves it.







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