Frontier Cooking – Homeschool Pioneer Study

I’m very excited about tomorrow’s history lesson. Last week we began a short study on the American pioneers, and tomorrow we’re going to wrap it up. As a special treat, I’ve decided we’re going to have a Pioneer cuisine day. I found a great website that lists sample menus from the time period we’re looking at. Here’s what tomorrow is going to look like.

Breakfast: Hot Cakes, Sausages, and Fried Potatoes

Dinner: Beef Barley Soup, Roast Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, and Stewed Carrots

Dessert: Apple Pie

Tea: Corn Bread and Stewed Fruit

This menu looks like a feast to me!

So how did I put it all together? I pulled meals from the sample menu, and then I looked below at lists of available foods. Available foods would change with the seasons, but meat was plentiful due to wild turkeys, deer, elk, fish, and prairie chickens. Fruit pies were listed as a dessert, and fresh apples were down the list under Wagon Train Cookery, so I went with apple pie. Beef soup was listed as a possible soup, and I saw that barley was on the list of available grains. Instead of roasting a giant turkey, I believe we’ll roast a turkey breast. I’d love to do all this on a wood stove or fire, but our modern kitchen appliances will have to do.

I can’t imagine cooking like this every single day! Especially when everything had to be made from scratch and without the conveniences we have today. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it!

If you’re interested in learning more about Pioneer/Frontier Cuisine, visit

I also had to share this ‘recipe’ I found from Chronicles of the Old WestCoffee – One handful of coffee for every cup of water. 

That’s some strong coffee!


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