Doggy Diagnosis: Diabetes

This is Dudley when he was a puppy:


This is Dudley all grown up:


Cute, isn’t he? He’s nine years old this month, and he’s been with us since he was a puppy. We love him, the kids love him, and he loves us. Two days ago we woke up to find he’d made a wet mess on the floor during the night. This is very odd. Dudley doesn’t have accidents. Sadly, we figured it was just because he was getting older.

Yesterday morning we woke up to another mess on the floor, but this was much, much worse. It looked like he’d accidentally went while he was sleeping, and then when he woke up it had dripped all the way across the living room to his water bowl. And it was sticky. Very, very sticky–like soda when it spills on the floor and doesn’t get cleaned before it dries.

Concerned, I searched the internet for answers. The search results were pretty terrifying; they all pointed to diabetes. I watched him that morning. He was listless, he’d stopped drinking water, and he refused to come back in the house. I called our vet to set up an appointment, but I couldn’t bring him in without my husband. Dudley is 130 lbs, and he won’t jump in the back of our Yukon. Originally the appointment was set for this afternoon, but Jake miraculously got off work early yesterday.


Dudley was worse when my husband got home. He barely acknowledged Jake, and he refused to stand up. I called the vet again, and they told us to bring him in immediately. We were devastated; we were pretty sure we were going to have to put him down. Two dogs in one season? What a horrible, horrible thought.

When we got there, we found out he’d lost thirty pounds. He’d weighed a hefty 160 lbs for most of his adult life, and no matter how we tried, we couldn’t get him to drop any of it. And just like that 30 lbs was gone–but it wasn’t a good thing.

They ran both a blood and urine test, and we weren’t surprised when the results came in. Dudley has diabetes. His blood sugar was at 500 (which is very high), but thankfully he didn’t have ketoacidosis, which is a life threatening emergency that will occur if the diabetes isn’t treated soon enough.

We listened to the vet’s treatment plan, but the whole time I was silently panicking. Just how expensive were all these tests and the insulin and the special dog food? There was no way we could afford this, and even if we could, I couldn’t give Dudley a shot!

Well, I found out we could afford it, and yes, I can give Dudley a shot. The vet visit wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. The insulin Dudley is on is available from the Walmart pharmacy for $25.00 a bottle, and it looks like a bottle will last between two weeks to a month. We’re not exactly sure how much insulin Dudley will need yet, so we will have to do blood tests every few days until we get it figured out.

The food is ridiculous. Ridiculous! It’s $75.00 for a large bag, but we can do it. We’re assuming the bag will last just under a month. We’ll see on that one.

We’re two shots in. Jake gave Dudley his insulin last night with his dinner, and I gave it to him this morning with his breakfast. Dudley is a new dog! He’s happy and bright eyed, and I’m just so happy to have him with us for a little longer.


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