Two Weeks After Diabetes Diagnosis and Doing Well!

Look at him–he’s so happy. All the fresh snow was calling him yesterday morning. He stayed out for about twenty minutes, and then he decided he’d had enough and sacked out on his bed in the living room the rest of the day. It’s been two weeks since he was diagnosed with diabetes, and he’s doing very well. His blood sugar crashed on us last week (talk about scary), but we took him to the vet and they lowered his insulin. Now he’s doing great! No problems with the injections anymore, either. My hands don’t shake, and I don’t dread it like I used to. Actually, I would much rather give him a shot twice a day than try to get him to swallow a pill!



6 thoughts on “Two Weeks After Diabetes Diagnosis and Doing Well!”

  1. It’s amazing how fast they adapt. I had a diabetic cat and he was good as gold about his injections. Once he’d got over the first few weeks, and we’d got the hang of reading his signs to know how he was doing, he rarely had a hypo or hyper. It was scary at first though, especially as I’m terrified of needles. Much more so than the cat was…


    1. I can’t imagine trying to give the injections to a cat! How wonderful that he was good about it! And I felt the same way about the needles. Dudley didn’t really care that much, but I was a wreck for the first few days! Definitely worth it though, keeping these pets in our lives 🙂


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