Makin’ it Personal

It’s been almost a year since I started this blog, and I realized the first time I posted a picture of myself was a few weeks ago for a Weekly Photo Challenge.  I don’t think I’m terribly mysterious; I post pictures of my family and pets, but I realized that my readers (hi readers!) might like to know a little more about me. Maybe, I guess. So here we go.

This is me:


1. My name is Shari. It rhymes with starry and, unfortunately, sorry. No one ever pronounces it right. Not ever. Most people skim over it and see ‘ Sherry’. A lot of people read it as ‘Shuh-ree’.  I answer to both of those, and it doesn’t bother me when people say it wrong. I also have a bad habit of turning toward someone when they say a passing ‘sorry’ in the grocery store.

2. I adore crimson red. It’s absolutely my favorite color, and it was the color of the bodice on my wedding dress. A lot of people loved it. A lot of people didn’t. Wedding

3. I love animals, but they must have fur or feathers–no reptiles, fish, or amphibians for me.  I find hairless dogs and cats terrifying. I would really love to have a pet fox, but I don’t think that’s legal…

4. I’m a writer. As of right now, I have three books and one novella published on Amazon. My fourth book will be released in January of 2016. My favorite genre is fantasy, but I also love to lose myself in fun contemporary fiction. You can check out all of my books here.

5. Every couple of months I go in to have my hair highlighted, lowlighted, and layered–and about 95% of my life, it’s twisted up in a bun. Go figure.

6. I start hundreds of vegetable and flower seedlings every single spring. They are happy, healthy, and then they get planted outside and forgotten about. The last couple years were the only years the poor things actually made it through the summer.

This picture is from 2012. It's the first year our garden lived all through the summer!
This picture is from 2012. It’s the first year our garden lived all through the summer!

7. I’m a closet geek. Or nerd, maybe. I don’t know the terminology, but I love fantasy novels, movies, games, and so on. My husband is too.  Most people don’t know this about us; we hide it well.  I also really love to dress up, and I really wish there were a holiday that involved costumes that wasn’t Halloween (which I’m not a fan of). I’m thinking of creating one. Ha ha–I’m joking. No, I’m not.

8.  In real life, I’m an introvert, and sometimes painfully so. In high school, I covered it up with a “diva shield,” but I don’t do that anymore. I’m one of those crazy people that have heart failure when people drop by unannounced. I almost can’t handle it. Home is my refuge from…people. I love to have friends and family over, however. I just need to plan for it. Give me five minutes, at least. I need it.  

9. I have a thing for schedules and lists. They are necessary for breathing. My husband takes the greatest joy in deviating from my schedules and changing my lists. I think it’s why we work so well. He keeps me from running myself ragged, and I keep him…moving. He’s so lovely and mellow. I wish I were mellow–until I actually try it, and then I go crazy.

10. A bunch of fast random facts:

I like coffee better than tea, pie more than cake, and I can’t stand cake and ice cream together. I often have a strong indifference to chocolate chip cookies.

I like books more than movies.

I would much rather go through the drive-thru at Starbucks than inside.

I think every zoo would be complete with a platypus, and I don’t like monkeys. Lemurs are fine.

That’s enough. Probably more than enough! Have a great day!

12 thoughts on “Makin’ it Personal”

  1. I enjoyed getting to know you. You sound like a fun gal to have around! And BTW I love your bodice on your wedding gown, it is unique and daring and perfectly you. There is nothing wrong with being different that is what makes life fun! Looking forward to seeing more of your writing this next year. Blessings!


    1. Thank you! It just seemed so unfair I was going to be stuck in all white when my bridesmaids got to wear red. We were in the middle of ordering the white bodice when my mom said to me, “You don’t want the white. You want the red. Get the one you want.” She’s a smart lady. 😉


  2. Now why would you feel the need to hide your geeky nerdiness? Especially when there’s the whole world of cosplay available for your dress-up desires. Just curious.. And your wedding dress is great. We were told we couldn’t have a chocolate wedding cake with white frosting, but we did, and the guests loved it.


    1. That’s so funny for you mention that–my husband and I just saw a bunch of awesome costumes on Pinterest, and they were labeled cosplay–we had no idea such a thing existed! And YES for chocolate wedding cakes! Yes, yes, yes!


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