Reading the Rough Draft

I did it. I finally worked up the nerve to read my NaNoWriMo rough draft.  It’s a young adult novel, and I finished at a little over 60,000 PenandPaperwords.  It’s rough–of course it is, it’s a rough draft. There are adverbs everywhere. I basically must use adverbs every time I quickly write–ha ha.  There’s a few inconsistencies in the story, and a few moments where I was thinking, “Ew! Did I write that?”

But all in all, it’s not too bad! I used the ‘snowflake method’ to outline my novel, and I think I’ve found my outlining method of choice. It works for me. It gives me a destination.

I have chapters to add, things I didn’t know were missing until I read the story start to finish. I see where my pacing is off and the places where my characters are inconsistent. There’s a lot to work on, but I expected my first NaNoWriMo novel to be a complete disaster!

Overall I’m excited. I’ve never reached the revision step. I’ve never finished a rough draft–for a novel, at least.  I must tell you, it feels pretty good!


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