What to Wear to a Wedding?

My cousin is getting married in June! I’m so excited for her and her future husband. We were able to meet him last spring, and he’s very nice.

Weston’s going to be a ring bearer and Chelsea’s going to be a flower girl. The last wedding Chelsea was in, which happened to be my other cousin’s, she didn’t exactly stick to the plan. By that, I mean she stole Weston’s pillow and ran down the aisle waving it in the air. She did it perfectly at the rehearsal. Yup. This time will go better.

I’ve been looking at dresses, getting ideas on what I might wear to the wedding. Dallas weddings aren’t exactly what they are here in my little corner of Colorado. They’re all fancy-like. That’s only sort of a joke. Weddings around here seem to be pretty casual–which is sad if you like to dress up. And I do.

Unfortunately, I’m not loving the dresses I’ve seen in the stores.  Either the fit is all wrong or I don’t like the fabric, the zippers are in the wrong place or the neckline is too low. I might be picky.

I’ve decided to make my dress. That’s more fun anyway. Good thing too, because it’s rarely cheaper. I’ve found a few patterns I like. I’m not going to buy one yet, because I have a few-ish pounds to lose. Or a lot-ish. Whatever.

Here are the patterns I’ve been looking at:

Vogue Pattern 8788

What I like about this pattern:

1. I love the bodice, and you can’t tell from this picture, but it has a nice conservative back as well.

2. The poofy skirt. Um–yes. I love the poof. There is something so feminine about a 50’s style skirt.

What I would change:

1. I would shorten the skirt to just above the knee, and add a contrasting lining that peaks out underneath.

2. I would add a nice bright belt to match the lining.

3. And last–this isn’t actually about the pattern–I would use a different fabric. Something summery, something light, something not…that.

Vogue 1223

What I like about the pattern:

1. I love the pleats on the front. I think it would be even more striking in a fabric that wasn’t quite so busy.

2. This pattern, like the one above, has a conservative back.

3. It’s light and summery.

What I would change:

1. I’m not sure about the neckline. It might be a little too low on me.

2. I’d go with a thicker belt–in fact, I think I would choose a simple fabric and let the accessories, including the belt, make the outfit.

Vogue 2960

What I like about the pattern:

1. I like the button up bodice.

2. I like the poofy skirt. Of course.

3. I like the neckline. It feels very summery to me.

What I would change:

1. Like the first pattern, I would shorten the skirt to knee length.

2. Hmm…not sure I love the tiny cap sleeves. I might alter the pattern and omit sleeves altogether.

3. I’d add a belt!

4. I’d, ahem, choose a different fabric pattern.

The wedding is several months off, so I have plenty of time to decide. And a little time to lose some weight…

Which one do you like best?


4 thoughts on “What to Wear to a Wedding?”

  1. I like the first dress best, mostly because of the shape of the bodice. The fabric they used for the last dress reminds me of curtains, really, why would anyone want to wear that fabric???


  2. I love the first dress in any other fabric choice then the blue flowers. Who can pull off a print that large? I think shortening will help to modernize it as well.


    1. Yes, I completely agree. It’s part of Vogue’s vintage line, but I don’t want it to turn out that…vintage. I think shortening the skirt will help a bunch. And as for that print–yeah, I don’t know. Not me, for sure!


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