A Girl and Her Dog

We’ve had Ellie for almost two weeks! It’s crazy how fast it’s flown by. She’s the softest cotton ball I’ve ever seen–a cotton ball with teeth. She’s ornery…oh my, is she ever. She’s also sweet. And smart…too smart at times, but that goes back to her being ornery.

GirlandHerDogWe spent our first weekend with her reinforcing our back fence. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, but if she were clever enough, we’re pretty sure she could have gotten out.


Here Ellie is, supervising.


Then resting in the shade…

FixingFence3Here she is a few days ago checking it out. She walks around the whole thing two or three times a day.

FixingFence4Can you see how much bigger she’s gotten in just a week and a half?

And look, it’s spring! I love the view from our backyard.




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