Jazz up Your Morning Oatmeal

We eat a lot of oatmeal. A lot of oatmeal…in fact, we took a break for awhile because I just couldn’t eat anymore. Please, make the oatmeal go away! A  few weeks back it sounded pretty good again. The next day, it still sounded pretty good. I had a few variations that we rotated, but I decided we needed more if we were going to keep eating it on a semi-daily basis. Here’s a few ways we’ve been enjoying it:

This is the recipe I start with:

Serves 4

2 Cups Old Fashioned Oats

4 Cups Water

Couple Dashes Sea Salt

Cook over medium heat until it reaches the consistency you like. 

Add ins:

1. Maple and Molasses – This is very good–especially if you like those instant oatmeal packets, but you want something a little more natural. Just swirl some maple syrup and molasses in your oats while they’re cooking and add a dash of cinnamon. This has been my oatmeal of choice lately.

Maple and Molasses Oatmeal
Maple and Molasses Oatmeal

2. Spiced Raisin – This one reminds me of Grandma’s oatmeal. Add a handful of raisins to your oats before you cook them. Give the whole pot a liberal sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice. Top each serving with a little brown sugar.

3. The Deluxe – Swap milk for the water and sprinkle the oatmeal with cinnamon as it cooks. Make sure you stir it constantly or it will scorch – yuck. Top with a teaspoon or two of brown sugar and a pat of real butter.

4. Carrot Cake – Add a handful of grated carrots to the pot before you add the oats. Add some water and let the carrots cook for a few minutes. Add the oats, salt, and the rest of the water (add a little more if needed). Toss in half a handful of raisins. Sprinkle with apple pie spice. Stir in brown sugar, maple syrup, or molasses to sweeten. Top individual bowls with finely chopped pecans or walnuts and a dollop of cream cheese or a drizzle of cream.

5.  Apple Butter – Add a generous dollop of apple butter to each bowl. A drizzle of cream is also good with this. If you want to make your own apple butter, I have a post about it.

6. Super Start – This is how I used to eat my oatmeal every morning. Sprinkle the pot of oatmeal with cinnamon as it cooks. Top each serving with 1 sliced banana, 1 TBSP of Flax Seed, and a drizzle of honey if you want it a little sweeter.

7.   Strawberry and Cream – Add a teaspoon of strawberry preserves to each serving. Add sliced strawberries, a drizzle of cream, and a little sugar if needed. This is good with any berry combination.

8. Apple Cinnamon – This one starts with finely chopped dehydrated apples. I make my own, but you could easily buy some, chop ’em up, and use them as  you need them. Add about a quarter cup of dried chopped apples to the oatmeal as it cooks. Sprinkle generously with apple pie spice. Top each serving with the sweetener of your choice. This is another version that tastes a lot like those little packets…

9. Granola – It seems a little weird to top oatmeal with granola, but let me assure you, it’s really, really good. Top each serving with a generous amount of granola and a little maple syrup.

10 Honey Bear – Stir a little cinnamon into the oatmeal as it cooks. Top each serving with a generous drizzle of honey, cream, and finely chopped pecans.

I hope this helps you jazz up your morning oatmeal! Tell me, what’s your favorite way to eat oats in the morning?


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