Meet Günther

Meet our sweet Günther.  He’s a short-haired Saint Bernard, just eight weeks old, and he has the cutest mopey eyes you’ve ever seen. He has little freckles on his nose, too! We just love him.

Our 8 week old Saint Bernard Puppy, Günther. Chelsea 'decorated' him for his picture...
Our 8 week old Saint Bernard Puppy, Günther. Chelsea ‘decorated’ him for his picture…

When Dudley passed we knew we would get another male dog, but we weren’t sure when or what kind of dog we wanted. We thought about getting another malamute, but we both decided we just weren’t ready for that.

We originally planned on getting our boy puppy sometime this fall. We looked into three different breeds we’re very fond of: Saint Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dog, and  Newfoundland.

We started our search looking for a Bernese Mountain Dog. We discovered they are very prone to cancer–sometimes very early cancer. Though you never know what may come with any pet, we didn’t want to get a puppy with such a low average life expectancy–just six years.

We almost placed a deposit on  a Newfoundland puppy, but something wasn’t quite right. After Jake and I visited the parents, we went home to think about it, and I’m glad we did, because we found out we both had reservations. Newfoundlands are amazing, and I would love to own one someday, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t right right now.

Then we found Günther (sounds like Goonther), a Saint Bernard puppy whose litter was born on Valentine’s Day. We love everything about the breed–the size, the temperament, the hair, the drool…okay, maybe we don’t love the drool, but we don’t mind it either. He was exactly what we were looking for.

We placed our deposit on him when he was six weeks old; there were only two males left. He turned eight weeks old yesterday. We drove a total of 19 hours to go pick him up and bring him home (because we’re crazy). It was a long, long day. I don’t have pictures of the drive, because we simply didn’t have time. It was go, go, go all day long.

Chelsea and Günther
Chelsea and Günther

2 thoughts on “Meet Günther”

  1. He is beautiful! I am so happy for you. You took some wonderful pictures. Waiting is so hard. It will be June before we get to bring our new baby saint home. We won’t even know till late May whether we get a boy or a girl. Newfoundlands are fantastic dogs too. Before Hannah we had a male Newf and loved him to pieces. We too were torn between getting a newf or a saint, but decided on the saint for no real good reason. Enjoy your new baby boy!!!


    1. Thank you! Yes, the waiting is terrible. We didn’t have to wait too long for him, but we waited eight weeks for Ellie, and it was simply awful! I can’t imagine not knowing if you’re going to get a boy or a girl! We were very, very close to getting a Newfie; I can absolutely see us with one some day down the road.


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