Our Favorite Books from the 2013-2014 School Year

School is over! I can’t believe it. It truly feels like we just started. This year was our first with Sonlight. I’m smitten, and we’re definitely using it again next year. We used Core A for Weston (6/7) and Chelsea (4/5). We also used the Level 1 readers and Language Arts for Weston.

Here’s a few of our Sonlight favorites.

Weston’s Favorite:

This was our first read-aloud, and Weston chose it as his favorite.  I’m pretty sure he’ll be reading this to himself in the near future.

Chelsea’s Favorite:

This was one of our history books. Chelsea loved, loved, loved this book (we all did, actually).  I can’t tell you how many times I had to climb up Chelsea’s bed to find this next to her pillow before we started school.  If it wasn’t in Chelsea’s bedroom, it was in Weston’s where he had taken it to use as a guide to build Lego models. It has cute illustrations, and it’s very informative. I don’t agree with everything at the very beginning (timelines and such), but I feel that our Instructor’s guide touched on everything that needed a little extra discussion.

My Favorite:

My mother read this whole series to me when I was very young, and it was wonderful to share this book with my own kids. I only remembered a few things–like Laura getting her doll and the maple syrup candy–so it was like reading a whole new book. I learned so much! If you’re curious how people used to preserve meat or if you want to know how to make pale winter butter bright yellow, then you need to read this book!

For Science we did the God’s Design for Life Series. We had three books total: The World of Animals, The Human Body, and The World of Plants. I really loved these books, and the lessons are short and easy to understand.

We covered The World of Animals at the beginning of the year, and it was Weston and Chelsea’s favorite.


We used Horizons for math, and we’ll be using it again next year.  I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a traditional math course.


In August when we started school, Weston was struggling with reading.  Sonlight’s language arts course started with the I Can Read It! readers. We trudged through the first book. It was painful, but he was learning. Then something wonderful happened in the second book. It started clicking. By the end of the second book, we were really making progress, and by the third book…magic happened. I can’t gush about these books enough.  One tip I received from a fellow Sonlight mama–read the story first, and then let them read to you. It’s not cheating, I promise. Weston can do it all by himself now, but he needed to hear what he was reading in the beginning.


A few more favorites:

These books weren’t part of Sonlight, but we enjoyed them.

Ah, I just love Splat. We read bunches of Splat books this year, and we loved them all.

I already reviewed this book here, but it’s so wonderful I had to add it to the list! Right now we’re using the checklists to find all the birds. I’ve already seen several local birds I’ve never seen before, and all because I didn’t know where to look. There are Wild About Birds books for different regions, too.

Chelsea adores ZooBorns. Seriously, these are cute.

Well, there ya go! We’ll be doing lots of summer reading, so we’ll post our favorites over the next few months.



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