Pink Owl Quilt Finished – Lovin’ Disappearing Nine Patch

When your sewing table doubles as your dining room table, sometimes your projects get packed away and forgotten about. That’s what happened with Chelsea’s Pink Owl Quilt, or as we like to call it, her Super Duper Pinkelicious Owl Quilt. I noticed it in the closet a few weeks ago when I whipped up a poodle skirt for my niece. After the skirt was finished, I pulled out the quilt. It only took a few hours to finish up the quilting and bind it, and I’m happy it’s finally done.

I love the look of the disappearing nine patch. It looks like it took forever to sew together, when I actually pieced the entire thing in one evening.

Though I just winged it, this Craftsy pattern is very similiar.  Chelsea’s finished quilt is much larger, but it’s easy to adjust the size once you understand the pattern. If you’ve never made a Disappearing Nine Patch, you really should add it to your quilting to-do list. They’re so much fun!


Weston has requested a dragon quilt, so it looks like that will be my next big quilting project. He can’t find any dragon fabric he likes (he’s a wee bit picky), so I think we’ll be doing a large applique. I’m pretty excited to start it.

Jake’s great grandma has also asked me to quilt a family picture blanket for her, so it looks l will sneak that in first, or maybe work on it as I need a break from Weston’s quilt.



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