Camp NaNoWriMo Word Goal Reached!

I reached my goal of 60,000 words tonight! I’m very excited, but I’m not done yet. I want my finished rough draft to be around 80,000 words, and I’m right on track to reaching that goal.  I should start regular posting in August. Sorry it’s been so quiet around here!


Camp NaNoWriMo – Week 2

Camp NaNo is just starting its second week today. So far I’m at 17,170 words–just a little above where I need to be right now. The holiday weekend killed my word count. I was able to squeeze in two thousand words on Saturday night, but I didn’t get anything done on Friday or Sunday.

Our church is hosting its yearly sports camp VBS this week, so the next four days will continue to be crazy. I’ll have the mornings and afternoons to write, so my goal this week is just to keep my head above water. I don’t want to fall behind.

My blog will probably be a little quiet this week, but I’ll try to post on Friday. Hope everyone had a happy 4th! 




Garden Scrub with Coffee and Orange Oil Recipe

This hand scrub is extra coarse and gritty to remove that tough dirt from your hands. The added orange oil also makes it a great mechanic’s scrub!




1/2 cup turbinado sugar

1/4 cup coarse sea salt

1/4 cup coconut oil

1 tablespoon ground coffee

1/2 teaspoon vitamin e oil

15 – 20 drops orange essential oil 

Mix everything up! It might take a few moments to combine the oil with the salt and sugar, but just keep stirring. Transfer to a pretty jar. 

The oil in this scrub can make the tub or shower slick, so use extra caution not to slip! 

Engaging Dog Toys – Pickle Pocket by Starmark

Günther doesn’t care much for the chew bone we bought him. My mother’s dog, a South African Boerboel, loves the Nylabone BIG bone, but Günther won’t touch his.  Instead, he loves the wheelbarrow handle, logs from the woodpile, My Little Ponies, and Barbies (particularly the feet and hands). He also has a special fondness for Weston and Chelsea’s stuffed animals. He has his own, but no one shrieks and screams when he chews on those, so they’re not as much fun.

Yesterday we went to PetSmart to search for something he would chew on, specifically looking for the treat dispensing toys I’ve read about. There were many options, and the hard part was choosing just one. We looked at several, but we were most intrigued by the Pickle Pocket by Starmark.  It’s soft, chewy, and virtually indestructible, even by the most serious chewers (according to the online reviews).



We bought it and the Flavor Waves to insert into it, and then we let Günther test it out. At first, he was a little puzzled, unsure why the treat was ‘stuck’. Since the pockets are very deep, we shoved some training treats on top and let him try again, hoping he’d get the point of the toy. He did.


He’s been chewing on it off and on all day. So far, we’re very impressed. I like that I can use their treats (which are going to be very, very hard for him to remove), or I can refill it with kibble, yogurt, or training treats.


I like the idea of switching up the toys, so we’ll be buying a few more puzzle toys of different types. I hope Günther likes them as much as he likes his Pickle Pocket!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrasts

I wanted to sneak this challenge in before the theme changes tomorrow. This week’s theme is ‘Contrasts’.

This picture was taken in Ridgway, Colorado. The sun was just coming up over the mountains. I love the contrast between the very bright sunlight on the snow and the dark railroad car.


Check out the original challenge here. 

Giant Snap Peas Taking over the Garden

It’s day 2 of Camp NaNoWriMi, and it’s going well. That’s an understatement, actually. It’s going fantastic. I’m at 9,329 words and counting,  and it’s been a pleasure to write. I outlined, outlined, and outlined some more with this project, and it’s paying off.  After reading an interesting interview with James Patterson, I even wrote a brief paragraph for each and every chapter in the book. Who hoo!!!

In other news, giant snap peas are taking over my garden. It’s terrifying, really. I’ve been picking them every other day, and I didn’t get out there yesterday since it was NaNo day 1.  This is what happens in one day (sorry for the blurry phone picture):

Giant Snap Peas
Burpee’s Super Snappy Snap Peas – Click the picture to go to their page on 

Do you see those things? They are unreal.  They are no good for eating fresh, so I’m going to parboil them and toss them in a freezer bag for steaming up with other veggies later.

Now if my little green tomatoes would just grow as quickly…