Giant Snap Peas Taking over the Garden

It’s day 2 of Camp NaNoWriMi, and it’s going well. That’s an understatement, actually. It’s going fantastic. I’m at 9,329 words and counting,  and it’s been a pleasure to write. I outlined, outlined, and outlined some more with this project, and it’s paying off.  After reading an interesting interview with James Patterson, I even wrote a brief paragraph for each and every chapter in the book. Who hoo!!!

In other news, giant snap peas are taking over my garden. It’s terrifying, really. I’ve been picking them every other day, and I didn’t get out there yesterday since it was NaNo day 1.  This is what happens in one day (sorry for the blurry phone picture):

Giant Snap Peas
Burpee’s Super Snappy Snap Peas – Click the picture to go to their page on 

Do you see those things? They are unreal.  They are no good for eating fresh, so I’m going to parboil them and toss them in a freezer bag for steaming up with other veggies later.

Now if my little green tomatoes would just grow as quickly…


3 thoughts on “Giant Snap Peas Taking over the Garden”

  1. That’s awesome for Camp NaNo! I’m at about 3,000 but because of my time zone I’m about half a day behind the mainland, so hopefully I will be up there with you in the word count soon. And kudos for outlining, I’m a pantser all the way, I could not do that.


    1. Thank you! Pantsing is great; I get some of my best ideas when I just sit down and go for it. I’m a little scatterbrained, though–my writing is all over the place and I have to rewrite everything!!! Good luck on NaNo. You’ll do great!


      1. We all work in different ways. It’s really interesting all the different ways we approach the same thing. Someone should do a psychology experiment and see what it says about us!


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