Toy Review – Target’s Our Generation Dolls

Chelsea’s 6th birthday has come and gone–unbelievable. Where does the time go?


Anyway, for her birthday she wanted an American Girl Doll. The thing is, Jake and I didn’t want to buy a six year old a $120.00 doll. I felt like she needed a ‘starter’ doll. Something like an American Girl Doll, but not something so expensive that I would cry if I walked into her room and found it discarded in the corner with a rat’s nest for a hairdo.

I did a little research and found Target’s Our Generation Dolls. They got great reviews, and many people said they were perfect for girls younger than American Girl’s recommended age eight.  I browsed the website with Chelsea, and I asked her which doll she liked. She picked out the super adorable auburn-haired Eva.

The next day while at the mall, Jake took the kids to the food court and I made a little trip to Target. They had one Eva doll. I bought it and a backpack to store the doll in.


Chelsea opened it on her birthday and loved it! She’s not great with it. I have found it discarded with a rat’s nest for a hairdo on a few occasions, but the doll’s hair brushes out very easily, and that’s nice. She seems pretty sturdy, and though she’s not quite the same quality as American Girl, she’s pretty close.

The best part? I’ve already made like a gazillion outfits for her! So much fun!


2 thoughts on “Toy Review – Target’s Our Generation Dolls”

  1. My daughter wanted me to “get rid of” her American Girl collection when she went to college, but I have it stuck away in a closet for potential grand kids. Hopefully she’ll thank me someday! 😉


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