Favorite Pumpkin Bread

Autumn is my favorite season, and I can’t believe it’s already here! Summer just flew by, didn’t it?

I bought a huge 3-pack of pumpkin while I was at Sam’s Club a few weekends ago, and last night Weston asked for pumpkin bread. Since breakfast bread is always better the next day, I thought it was a great idea to make it last night so it would be moist and wonderful this morning.

Oh, and it is. Yum.

My favorite recipe is a classic–the Betty Crocker original Pumpkin Bread recipe. No matter how many recipes I try, I keep coming back to it. I usually omit the nuts and raisins and add in a cup or two of semi-sweet chocolate chips.  This time I didn’t add those lovely chips, because Weston begged me not to. Silly chocolate hatin’ child. It still turned out wonderful.

I like to make this recipe in a cake pan instead of bread pans and then slice it into squares once it’s cool. It just seems easier to me. If you want to try it like that, just cook it for about 40-45 minutes at 350 degrees F.

What pumpkin confections have you been making? Anything you’re hoping to try? My next project is pumpkin cake doughnuts. They keep popping up all over Pinterest, and they look lovely!


4 thoughts on “Favorite Pumpkin Bread”

  1. We had pumpkin scones last week for Ericka’s bridal shower. I didn’t make them but would love to figure out a recipe to do just that! The donuts sound awesome – would love to try that also!! My friend makes pumpkin/chocolate chip muffins that are awesome!


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