It’s Soap Day!

This week is our school district’s Fall Break. Fall break–seriously? Kiddos get a week off at the beginning of October around here. Um…didn’t school just start?

Well, I decided, why not? I wouldn’t mind a week off, so let’s just jump on that band wagon. Yep. We’re taking the week off.

I have a quick meeting this afternoon, but once I get home, I’m making soap! The first soap will be a peppermint soap with coconut oil, olive oil, and deer tallow. That’s right–I’m using the deer. Wish me luck.

The second soap will be a hot process 100% coconut oil laundry bar that will be shredded up for a huge batch of laundry soap. I’m hoping to do a post on both.

What are you soaping or crafting today?


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