Pumpkin Coffee and an Author Challenge

This is a beautiful, wonderful day. I found decaf pumpkin spice coffee!!! I don’t drink much caffeine anymore–it makes me jittery. It is very difficult to find fun varieties in decaf, though. Let me share what varieties of decaf I can buy locally:

House Blend

Mmmmhmmm. That’s about it. Oh, sure–different companies label it with different names, but it’s all the same. I don’t do flavored creamers, so it means my coffee life has been pretty boring. I decided to try Amazon for some decaf pumpkin spice coffee, and I found one by Archer Farms. Target brand! After a quick search on their website, I discovered they had it stocked at my local Target! So exciting. And delicious. It’s so good.

Click the picture to see if your local Target stocks this yummy coffee!

Also, I’m participating in an Author’s challenge. Every time someone clicks this link, I get a vote! If I get the most votes in a month, I’ll be promoted on the mailing list. That would be pretty cool!

Have a great evening, and pick up some pumpkin spice coffee!


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