Elsa Dress Costume


Guess what Chelsea’s costume was?

I tried to talk her into something else–anything else–but she had to have the ‘it’ costume of the year. I didn’t care for how puffy all the Elsa costumes were in the stores (I’m sorry, but Elsa’s dress was not puffy). Instead I used a pattern I had for the bodice and then continues the cut out into an A-line. The fabric is a little too dark, but it was covered in sparkles, so Chelsea had to have it.

I started this dress at about 8:30 the night before she needed it and finished at 10:30. I would have made these changes if I’d had the time: I would have used a sheer fabric for the shoulders of the bodice and made a modest sweetheart neckline with the satin, and I would have added the long sheer sleeves. I would have also made some translucent snowflakes and appliqued them to the dress.

Oh well, you can’t have everything. I guess I should let it go

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.



4 thoughts on “Elsa Dress Costume”

  1. you did a great job and it looks great- like the originality compared to all the “cookie cutter” dresses I saw! She looks great in it and I bet she loved it!


    1. She had so much fun. All year she wanted a Belle dress (I was really looking forward to making it), and then at the last minutes she changed her mind! Third year she’s done that to me! šŸ™‚


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