My Desktop Computer’s Near Death Experience

You know what’s fun? Losing the first 17,000 words of a novel you’re working on and almost all  your children’s baby pictures. My old desktop computer died today.

So I did what any rational eating-clean person would do. I broke down and ate a fun size Kit-Kat bar and a baby Tootsie Roll. It’s called willpower. I am the queen.

I did not have a diet soda, though. If you read this post, you’ll see what an accomplishment that is.

The good news is there are tons of people out there who are way more computer savvy than I am. After a few searches, I found out the horrible alarm going off when I tried to start my computer wasn’t just its death call–it was trying to communicate with me! That was lame. Sorry.

Anyway, the five alarms on startup and the black screen meant the cmos battery needed reset or replaced. It took lots of searches to figure out what in the world a cmos battery is, but we got it! It’s like a watch battery in your computer, and apparently it’s more important than it looks. We opened the computer up (terrifying), popped out the battery, waited about fifteen minutes, and then we put it all back together and plugged it in.

It worked! Oh, it worked! I can’t even tell you the joy.

So now I’ve done my version of open heart surgery on a computer.  I feel pretty good about that, even if all you high tech people out there are laughing at me right now.

Oh, and yes, I know I should have my pictures backed up. I have been talking about getting it done for years (once again, please refer to the title of my blog).


6 thoughts on “My Desktop Computer’s Near Death Experience”

  1. So you’ve completely backed everything up, now that you’ve been given a second chance, right? 😉
    If worse ever comes to worst, which it did for me about five years ago (kid pictures, manuscript, and all), I recommend this place:
    Ship them your hard drive and they recover the files and get them back to you. It cost a few hundred, but it was worth it.


    1. I haven’t backed it up yet.I can’t get online with that computer (it’s that old), and I will have to buy something to store it all on. Thank you for the website. I’m hoping it will never come to that, but it is great to have it as a resource if I ever need it! A couple hundred is definitely worth it!


  2. Been there with the black screen. I’m not as computer savey as you, I took it in to be fixed. You need to get a jump drive or a removable memory drive. Happy typing.😊


  3. I had to do the CMOS thing on my old desktop a few years ago. Pretty much the same story as you – alarm, google search, head scratching, sheer terror and finally relief when it was done and the computer worked.
    I bought an external drive to back up to after that episode…


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