Fast Shipping and a Free Sample!


Remember the post I wrote yesterday about candle supplies? I made the order yesterday afternoon, and the package arrived today! Granted, Peak Candle is located in my state, but still–it’s impressive. As always, Peak tucked a surprise free sample in my box. I love that about them–it’s like a Christmas present just for me.

Now if you read yesterday’s post, you might be wondering why I have a shipment from Peak when I said I was going to order from Candle Science. Well, I ordered from both. Candle Science has two shipping warehouses now: one in Nevada and one in North Carolina. Because Nevada was out of my wax, they were going to send it from North Carolina–which meant double the shipping.  Knowing Peak carries GW 464, I went ahead and ordered it from them. It saved me about ten bucks. That’s a significant amount when we’re talking about shipping costs.

Plus…free sample!!!  Now, I don’t always have luck with Peak fragrances in soy, but I’ll definitely make a test candle and see how it does. Candle Science also sends out a free sample with orders, but you get to choose it, so it’s not a surprise. Honestly, that’s usually a good thing, but still–surprises are fun!


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