December Candle Supply Unboxing

You know what’s exciting? When the UPS man rings the doorbell. At least, I think it’s exciting. Everything is finally here! I ordered two boxes of Classic Tumblers (12 in a box), a 10-pack of clamshell tart cases, and five 4 oz fragrances (apple harvest, peach, rosemary, red velvet cake, and black raspberry vanilla type). Candle Science, being awesome like they are, added in my free sample of blueberry cheesecake fragrance, which I was able to pick out when I made my order.


Add all that to the 10 lbs of wax I bought from Peak, and I’m all ready to get started! Tonight I will make a test candle to determine if my Eco 14 wicks will be the right size for this jar, and then I’ll make small votives to check fragrance throw in the wax.

I’ll let you know how it all goes!


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