Finally Organized the Homeschool Cabinet

Remember last summer when I said I was going to get all organized, starting with the homeschool cabinet? Well, as I posted later, that never happened. Why? Writing. Once you get serious, it takes over your life. In a good way. Sort of. Not in a we-eat-homemade-food-every-night way, and not in a the-house-is-usually-clean-way. More in a oh-my-goodness-I-actually-wrote-a-book way.

But yesterday. Oh, yesterday. Our school stuff was taking over my kitchen table. Taking over.

You see, the homeschool cabinet was so full, that I quite literally couldn’t jam everything in there. So where did that stuff stay? On the table. I would try to stack in neatly and shove it to the side when we ate meals, but that doesn’t really work. I was going crazy.

I’m happy to say that yesterday a new school storage area was created. It’s a roll-top cabinet my father made, and right now it’s in the dining area. There was all kinds of stuff in it, but somehow I managed to find new homes for all that stuff (sort of–as long as no one opens the doors underneath…) and make room for our supplies.

It took me about ten minutes. Honestly, I don’t know why I put things off so long. So everything has a home, and I’m happy.


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