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Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrasts

I wanted to sneak this challenge in before the theme changes tomorrow. This week’s theme is ‘Contrasts’.

This picture was taken in Ridgway, Colorado. The sun was just coming up over the mountains. I love the contrast between the very bright sunlight on the snow and the dark railroad car.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Between

This week’s photo challenge is between.  Here’s how The Daily Post describes it:

Between. Capture something in the middle of two things. It can be a person or object, or simply the space in between. It can also be a feeling or relationship — a bond that connects people, or a space that separates. This word might also reflect a choice you need to make — the challenge of choosing one thing over another — or any kind of transition, from childhood to adulthood, single life to married life, day to night.

So here you go–between:

BaseBallTree copy


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

This week’s challenge was to share a photo with a little something extra. The flower is this photo was lovely, but the little bees made it ‘extra’ special.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

It’s been so long since I’ve participated in a Weekly Photo Challenge, I’m going to rename them “Sporatic Photo Challenge”. Yes, I like that.  Anyway, the theme this week is Split-Second Story.  For the challenge we were to capture a candid moment of a person, place, or thing. Here’s my candid moment:





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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

This week’s photo challenge theme is Threshold. A threshold is a point of entering; that point just before a new beginning — that split-second moment in time, full of anticipation, as according to the Daily Post.

For this challenge, I’m showing you the empty, weed covered little plot of ground that will be my garden this year. In no time at all, the emptiness will be gone, and in it’s place will be a thriving, green garden filled with vegetables, flowers, and fruits. That’s the plan, anyway.

Though not much to look at right now, by summer this will be a lush and thriving vegetable garden–if all goes as planned, of course!

Spring is here, promising longer, warmer days!

Decorative Fruit Tree Blossoms
Decorative Fruit Tree Blossoms
Robins, the heralds of spring, have been making themselves at home.
Robins, the heralds of spring, have been making themselves at home.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Rifle, Colorado

















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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

This week’s theme is ‘threes’– or more specifically, three photos that together tell a story.

Here’s my story!


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