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Weekend Hiking – Independence Monument and Dominguez Canyon

How did your weekend go? We had beautiful, warm weather. On Saturday, we hiked to Independence Monument. It’s a beautiful trek through the Colorado National Monument and uphill most of the 2.5 miles to the rock. It was about sixty degrees in the morning and overcast most of the way there–the perfect weather for hiking in our high mountain desert.


When we reached the monument, we scrambled up a large, flat boulder and ate lunch. We’ve tried several different lunches that are easy to pack and don’t require refrigeration, and our favorite is whole grain crackers, natural canned chicken, oranges or apples, and sparkling juice for something bubbly.


The walk downhill was much easier, and the views are amazing. I should have taken some pictures, but my phone was in my pack and kind of a pain to take out. The entire hike is five miles, and we were all pretty tired by the time we arrived back at the trailhead. I’m so impressed with how well the kids are hiking this year. We’ve only been out a couple times, and they’re already able to go so much farther.

Because Independence Monument is part of a national monument, you can’t take dogs hiking in the area. Buttercup and Gunther were not happy when we loaded up the packs but left them behind, so after church on Sunday, we decided to take another hike. This time, we drove to Dominguez Canyon. We hiked a little of it last year (you can check out that post here), but we covered a lot more yesterday.



We did almost six miles this time, bringing our weekend total to eleven.  The kids are at such a fun age. I love that we can get out and do so much.

Here’s a picture from our first hike of the season to Mica Mine the weekend before last.  It’s the first time the kids were able to make it all the way to the mine.


That’s all for now. Tomorrow I’ll go back to posting my food journal (I’m not going to keep track on the weekends).

Have a great day!



What’s Planned For March and April!

Happy March, everyone! It’s almost spring!

First of all, I wanted to let you know I’ve been using the deer tallow in soap! It’s incredible. I’ve swapped it out for the palm oil in my favorite recipe and adjusted the lye content. It makes a great bar of soap.

I will be making a hot-process batch later today (we’re out again), and I promise I will be taking pictures. I know I haven’t posted as much as I used to, and I am sorry. I’ve found that it takes a lot more time and focus to edit and prepare a book for print than it does to write the first draft. Pippa of Lauramore will be released April 24th, and I am buried in details–in a good way. But with homeschooling my kiddos at the same time, there isn’t a lot of time left for crafting.

Most of all, I miss sewing. Things should settle down toward the end of April, and I plan to dive into my craft to-do list.

Here’s a few things I hope to tackle in the next few months:

1. Pippa of Lauramore Inspired Recipe – I’ve mentioned a soap in my book (I’m obsessed with soaping, I know), and I will be creating that recipe to share with you! It will be a blend of masculine, earthy, woodsy essential oils.

2. Summer Dresses for Chelsea – The girl needs them. The ones she has are short. Way short.

3. Dragon Quilt for Weston – I still haven’t done this! Horrible, I know. I will get it finished.

4. Family Quilt – I need to machine quilt a very large family blanket my mother-in-law made my husband’s grandmother. I’m afraid I’ve been putting this off because it is so large, and I have no idea where I’m going to do this.

5. Sugar/Salt Scrubs – Spring is coming, and it will be time to exfoliate that dry winter skin!

6. Vegetable Garden? I don’t know if this is happening this year. We’ll see. I might just focus on some hardy herbs and call it good.

Have a great day! I’ll be posting that soap recipe tomorrow!